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HomeSwapGenie is a website that provides a platform for tenants to swap their social housing homes such as Council and Housing Association properties within the UK. This process is also called a ‘mutual exchange’.
This website enables tenants to find other tenants who may have a suitable property in a desired area, to connect and swap with each other online.
If you live in a house, maisonette, flat, or bungalow owned by your Council or a Housing Association, then HomeSwapGenie is your “one-stop-shop” to advertise your property and find the perfect swap.

HomeSwapGenie.co.uk is a user-friendly website which allows all registered users to upload images and information of their social housing properties via two ways:
  1. Upon registration, you will be able to create a profile advertising your property;
  2. You can re-post your property on a regular basis onto any of the 9 Community Walls which represent the 9 regions of the UK. Other tenants from a wider audience can then see your post and respond in the comment boxes.

HomeSwapGenie may offer the opportunity for you to find your new home more quickly than having to wait on long social housing waiting lists.
On such waiting lists, tenants have to adhere with the standard allocation scheme which could take years of waiting in many cases! So HomeSwapGenie could be your answer to a more efficient and quicker move after finding your ideal swap.

PLEASE NOTE: This website is for SERIOUS swappers only. We therefore encourage serious swappers to report any individuals registered on this site whom they have:

1). Identified as time-wasters

2). Experienced any form of dishonesty from the potential swapper

3). Experienced the potential swapper not showing up to an arranged viewing without any explanation

4). Experienced a change of mind from the potential swapper regarding the swap, right at the last minute without a valid reason (after paperwork has been approved).

Other complaints will also be considered.

The Admin Team will then investigate the situation and possibly ban the individual from accessing this website further.

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